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A Year Long Journey Through Hebrews

It’s February 2, 2023. I decided a few weeks ago to do a year-long study of the book of Hebrews. Then this morning, I decided I’d share that journey with you. Here’s what this might look like.

  • I don’t have a planned pace. I’m dedicating portions of my un-busy time during the day to study.
  • I’d like to say that you’ll get a weekly post, covering what I’ve been able to study. Let’s just say, it’s what I’ll aim for.
  • I do anticipate finishing the book before the year is over. At that point, I’ll return to points of interest that I’ve earmarked along the way.
  • If you follow along, I’d like to put together some Q&A’s along the way.
  • I’m undecided if I’ll make these in video format. I’m swayable, so comment here or on FB.
  • I’m also undecided if I’ll build this as a course with lessons. It wouldn’t be difficult, but it’ll change some things in my prep.

Next to Revelation, Hebrews may be the most neglected New Testament book in discipleship. Probably because it feels so… Hebrew. There are so many ties back to the Law, and so many things addressed that seem foreign to our 21st-century, Gentile believer context. I get it. But a few years ago I spent time studying portions of this book, and I discovered a richness that I wasn’t expecting. This will be my first in-depth study of the whole book, and I’m excited to share it with you.

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Last modified: February 22, 2023